Artist Statement


I am an interdisciplinary artist who nurtures notions of a more peaceful, just, and ecologically wise world through education, outreach, and creative projects.  My media and methods vary by the project, ranging from drawing and painting, to mixed media and digital arts, also incorporating performance, installation, community organizing, research, and education into my artistic practice. 


As I completed a Master of Fine Art in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media from Columbia College Chicago (in 2015), my work began taking a more openly spiritual turn.  Inspired in part by the work of Dr. Annie Sprinkle and Rev. Billy Talen, I started performing weddings to the Earth.  In ceremonies long or short, I get people to consciously commit to a lifetime of caring partnership with Lover Earth. 


At the root, I am interested in expanding certain intersections between art, activism, and (non-doctrinal) spirituality-- and specifically to create spaces where we are more able to imagine what a more beautiful community/world can be like.  I am an informal Artist in Residence at Life Force Arts Center, a small gallery dedicated to the spiritual power of art, where I volunteer and create occasional “art ritual” events.  When I say ‘spirituality,’ I mean it in a very broad sense.  I have no wish to push beliefs (or non-beliefs) on others, simply to help us to place the struggles and tragedies of our past and present into larger narratives, bigger pictures where meaning and beauty remain and transformation is always possible.   

--Christopher Bednash